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Undip No longer Admits Students from Malaysia

Semarang, - In this academic year (2009) Undip no longer admits students from Malaysia. The statement was given by Undip Rector Prof. Dr. dr. Susilo Wibowo, MS. Med, Sp. And, during the enrolment ceremony of new students in 2009 at Undip Sport Stadium Tembalang, on August, 25 2009. The policy is one of Undip’s real efforts in taking care of our national pride which has been looked down by Malaysia lately.  

The effort for no longer admitting students from Malaysia is also Undip’s way in expressing its nationalism. Another reason is because the former Malaysian students who study at Undip did not show good achievement.  According to Undip Public Relation Officer, Agus Naryoso, Undip Rector emphasized that it is Undip’s pleasure and pride to be able to admit new students from its own country Indonesia, students who are qualified to be Undip’s students. Therefore, Undip is committed to give the best service in education for the students hence they can continue the study well and improve their achievements.

There are many supported facility prepared for the new students so that they can study well. One of the facility is the students’ hostel which has 4 units which overall can be used for 1008 students.  In this year 1 unit is available for the new students, meanwhile in 2010 students who study at Undip will receive better health insurance as Undip is building hospital in Tembalang Campus as well as the dam that can be used as the recreation area for the students. In 2010 Undip will be more integrated by having Faculty of Humanities, Faculty of Social Politic, and Faculty of Economy in Tembalang Campus.  

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