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Undip Medical Faculty Dance Team Made an Impressive Performance in Netherlands

Semarang, – Undip Medical Faculty dance team led by Prof. Edi Dharmana successfully participated in Indonesian Night Festivals in Den Haag, Netherlands on 1st – 7th April 2011.  The dance team, Prof. Edi, Jessica, Ajeng, Amalia and Anindita from Medical department, Chandra Nur Utama from Nursing department and Reza from Faculty of Community Health were successful in performing and promoting Indonesian classical dance in Netherlands.  
Beside the dancers, the team was also accompanied by some lecturers; Prof. DR. dr. Susilo Wibowo, Sp.And and dr. Neni Susilaningsih, MSi.
As known, Medical Faculty is one of the faculties in Undip who actively sends the delegations to participate in cultural missions held in various countries to introduce and to promote Indonesian culture especially Indonesian classical dance. Under Prof. dr. Edi Dharmana, MSc. Sp.Park, Ph.D, guidance, Medical Faculty dance team has gone to many countries such as Netherlands and Thailand. On March 1st – 2nd 2011, one of Medical Faculty dancers, Lita Noviani, received a great appreciation after performing Gambyong dance in Cultural Night Festival in Faculty of Nursing Prince of Songkla University Thailand.  
This cultural mission is the 2nd visit since 2010 when the team also made similar performance in Indonesia Night Festival that was also held in Den Haag. The success of the dance team must be related to Prof. Edi Dharmana who is famous as a real artist who devotes his life in preserving the traditional culture, especially dance. MURI, Indonesian Record Museum, also awarded him as the artist who is very keen in preserving traditional art since he was a child until now. MURI gave him the 2nd award in 2010 as the one who establish collaborative dance of Javanese dance (Bambangan – Cakil) and Chinese Barongsai directed by Bp. Wiyatno SE.  .
Besides, Medical Faculty dance team also has many achievements. Among those are their twice winning in dance competition in Undip, and their award given by MURI as the team who danced for 33 hours non-stop in Simpang Lima Semarang.